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About Us

I am Narendra Baviskar. A Founder of ME MART. This is my dream Project.Before one decade.when I think about another new venture name, I think about MIDAS bird , a bird can touch any thing in the world its becomes turn in to gold. So I thought like that to start new venture like MIDASTOUCH. Any one join in my new venture by Sale or Purchase of Product or Services they feel like touch of MIDAS BIRD.

But when I was seat to make Visiting Card MIDASTOUCH ENTERPRICE that time I think about company logo design and select M from MIDAS and E from Enterprise.ME comes from the both word first letter. But when I sound both letter together ME than it touch me personally more than MIDAS word, because ME include myself when I sound it. So it feel more effective instead of MIDASTOUCH ENTERPRICE. One more thing to select ME only if any one can sound It , He or She directly indirectly touch by heart at the time of Speak this word ME personally.

So I change my Mind on ME instead of MIDAS TOUCH. So this is sprt story name of ME. but Some how I cant start new venture that time due to lake of Time & Finance Both.

After few Year I want start one social METROMONIAL PATRIKA , that time I start patrika by this name ME SANDESH PATRIKA before Six year. But yet in mind concept was running which is my Dream Project.last year January start Business by this name and ME MART comes in the indian market by procuct and grosery sale in this banner. But time pass on and one more idea generate in mind which is cover all product, services in one banner step bye step.

The idea of ME MART is that any one purchase any product or services above 1000 rupees he became a marchandiser by give reference of any person and get profit share in to his account directly. But for this idea I want one fast moving problem solving product. One day I was at my client office and he ask me about my VISITING CARD. and unfortunatlly Visiting Card not available with me. At that time I feel so amberaishing in front of client. And think about solution. and finally want make and sale E DIGITAL VISITING CARD . its not a Card burt more than Visitng Card. which cover not only Contact details ,But personal Profile, Company detail, Bank Detail, Product details and many more which is general person not think.It means E DIGITAL CARD is bundle of positive features.